The Stellar One 2016

The Stellar One 2016

Hello chaps, greetings on behalf of the Events Committee team :) Wondering why the “Event’s committee” is précised? Cos the story you are about to thrill to is a very special happening for the Events Committee of CapeStart. Happy to walk you through the entire hour of the “Stellar One 2016″.

short story writing

We at CapeStart organised the very first stellar event of the year 2016 on May 21, 2016. The events committee outlined the entire schedule way ahead and had multiple meetings to bring out the best events, the themes, the judges, the hosts, the stage outlook, the timings and lot more. It was lot of fun to organize and put the ideas in to action.

We carried out both onstage and off-stage events and made sure every houses [Argos, Dracos, Octans and Tigris] work parallel to each other and bring out the best performances making the day memorable.

The Off-Stage events began without any delay and every participants showed full attendance irrespective of their houses. Some interesting events that carried out were Short Story Writing, Face Painting and Art from Waste. The themes were given on-spot and we could witness so much of creativity and team effort for every single event.

face painting

Art from waste

Right after the first set of Off-Stage events came to a wrap, our Judges Mr. Edward Smith, Managing Director at CapeStart and Kavin Xavier, Director of Technology at CapeStart made quick judgements on the painted faces, arts created from waste and the fascinating short stories. The marks were given based on judgements and QA sessions with each participants. As the clock tick to 1PM, we all gathered as houses for the “House Lunch”.

Post the lunch began the best part of the day, the On-Stage events. Our colleagues Rashmitha and Shibu took hold of the stage and welcomed us all for the second half of the events. The Stage was stunning and perfect for the events. The lightings, the sound system and entire ambience added cheery to the celebration mood.

The On-Stage event initiated with the Skit being first in the list of events. Each team carried away the theme well with their acts and concept. Team Dracos came first with the skit making it one of the most humorous and realistic act of the all. Team Argos came next with the second place again with another entertaining act. Followed by the skit, we had the Musical Chair and Fill-In bottle games. The games were so much fun and filled the air with lot of noise and hilarious moments to count. Our support staff actively participated in the activities we organized especially for them and had their best moments recorded as well.

stellar celebration

There is a saying “When the going gets tough; the tough take a coffee break”. Likewise, it was so much fun that we all needed a coffee break and we had few surprise performances waiting too. One of our colleague Jones entertained us with his excellent dance. Also, we had a birthday cake cutting celebration for our colleague Simson who face ended up with a cake face mask.

Soon after the much needed coffee break, we continued with the rest of the agenda. Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet; the fruit here is the much anticipated “Fashion Parade” where we witnessed multitudinal talents and exceptional perfectness within our stars. The houses were given privileges to pick their themes and they brought out their best by justifying their role, the costumes, the make-up, the walk and the characters they played.

skit performance

fashion parade

Team Tigris and Dracos bagged the first and second prizes respectively with their phenomenal performances and team effort. We all had fun to its fullest. The event as a whole finished off with a clear proof that we take every challenge much sportive and we are all good team players who live by the rules “the best way to predict the future is to create it”. We created this day [Stellar one 2016] like no other day so that the future events are gonna be much more challenging and exciting!

Hope you all had a good reading See ya

Capestars group photo


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Author Annie Rose Carving to grasp theory at its best; a self-confessed Ice Cream addict ~ Great lover of country Music & a fortunate Soul.  

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