CapeStars success meet – 2015

CapeStars success meet – 2015

I am really excited to pen down the fun-filled “The Stellar Event Day”. Dec 19th 2015 was not just another day to all CapeStars! It was a very indelible day for each one of us.

Wondering why the name Stellar? Well, the theme behind the name Stellar is stars. It represents our CapeStart “stars”- get it?

stellar '15 celebration moments

The Stellar day was planned by an active event committee who made it very entertaining. Kudos guys :)

Numerous competitions and games were organized prior to the Stellar day. Some exciting games included Dub smash, bay decorations, painting and the list goes on. The idea of the pre-events was to announce the winners on the eve of our Stellar day.

Without any delay, let me take off to the Stellar event. Well, the event was programmed to be conducted in a serene hillside property of Taj – Kovalam where beauty meets luxury.

taj vivanta entrance
The journey from our office locale to the amazing resort took about 2 hours to cover the 42 miles [68 KM]. The entire drive was filled with fun and joshing performances, dance, music and what not. Anumanth, Arul, Suderson, Vasanth, Brightson and many others kept the journey live with their dance moves.

taj vivanta natural view
Upon reaching the resort we were blessed with a great weather. The day was just perfect with the sun shining at us; the air was filled with a cool welcoming breeze. Soon, we assembled on the first floor of the resort where we had the best surprise waiting for us.

The event hall was super cool, lively place with a DJ who kept the beat going until the finishing hour. The room was filled with merry in the air.

Our event committee members Smartina and Nowbal carried away the successful hosting of the event and welcomed us with a short and crisp introduction. Then began the party with a bang. We had a series of on-the- spot activities like singing competitions which finished off with group dancing. Venkatesh rocked the floor with a peppy song; Arul and Arumugam couldn’t resist themselves to dance for the beat. – T’was super cool seeing our serious coders hitting the floor with their stunning dance moves.

conference hall
After a successful party, the clock was just perfect to hit the banquet. We had a luscious buffet waiting for all of us and the food was heavenly delicious. We munched on few of the best south Indian entree, Soup, rice dishes, curries, dessert and goes on.

capestars at buffet lunch
Soon after the grand lunch was the prize distribution for the pre-events and the on-the-spot events.

Our top management took the privilege to distribute the prizes and addressing the winners. Cedric Sandars our project manager gave us a quick thank you note on behalf of the company for all accomplishments for the year 2015.

speech by cedric
We had ample time to enjoy the beauty of the resort. The resort is beyond any doubt, a must visit spot especially for a day like Stellar day.

As the day began to dusk, we gathered up for a quick snapshot with our CapeStart employees. What some may call it a photo, I’d say it was a “Swanky-cool selfie”. I must say, each one of us returned from the resort with cherished memories to remember in our lives.

capestars photo session

I can’t wait for the next Stellar Day to happen and this time with the new stars to add on more colours to the fun :)


A good blogger and have enough idea in content writing. Best Listener.. Likes to travel a lot..
Author Manjula A good blogger and have enough idea in content writing. Best Listener.. Likes to travel a lot..  

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