Sports Event – volleyball & Tennikoit

On  17th  September 2016 , we conducted a volleyball tournament for men and tennikoit tournament for women in Scott Christian Higher Secondary School, Nagercoil . CapeStart sportsmen and women were divided into four teams – Argos, Dracos, Octans and Tigris . Argos was headed by Anumanth , Michael was the captain of Dracos and Senthil, the leader of Octans. And Oh! Arul was the captain of Tigris. The event started at 11:30AM and we all occupied the ground Saturday morning around 9:00 AM and we started practicing around 9.30am for the match



The first volleyball match for men started sharply at 11.30AM and each game had one set with set points 30 . The first match was between Dracos and Tigris both the team tried their level best to dominate each other but Dracos defeated Tigris by the set point 30-20 .

The first tennikoit match for women was conducted between Octans and Argos and the team captains of both Octans and Argos were invited to pick their start. Octans won the toss and demanded service. It was as close as it could get. Argos’ Radhiga and Jasmine were on the game point against Octans’ Arshia and Abisho but later they let the match slip through their hands. Argos lost its steel when it mattered the most as Octans hung on stubbornly, won the match with 20-8, and entered into the Finals.

Second Match


The second volleyball match was between Argos and Octans. Octans won the toss and chose to serve first. Both the teams gave a tough competition out there to each other but with a brilliant performance, Octans won the set by 30-28 .

In tennikoit the second match was between Dracos and Tigris.  Dracos won the toss. Emim and Suhasini from Dracos blew away a strong start to Tigris Ashima and Saraniya. This match was a neck-and-neck game and the scores were almost continuing to be tie as 10-10, 12-12 and so on. But from there, Ashima and Saraniya did not look back and they led Tigris till the end to grab the match and mark their position in the final with a score of 20-18.

The Final


Now the culmination of the volleyball tournament of course the final match and was between Dracos and Octans. The match was divided into 3 sets in which each set was of 15 points. It was an interesting match where the Dracos won the first set by 15-12 and the second set was won by Octans by 15-13. We all became so eager to see the final set. With few injuries in their side Dracos struggled to dominate the set points from the beginning. Dracos team spirit and smart play overcome the injuries and won the third set by 15-10. As a result, Dracos won the final match by 2-1 set and become the winner of the tournament.


Same excitement in tennikoit too as the Final was between Tigris and Octans. Luckily, Tigris won the toss and demanded servicing. Even though servicing was in the hands of Tigris, luck favoured Octans. Both the players of Tigris, Ashima and Saraniya had to push themselves hard right in the middle of the opening game when after an initial neck and neck battle they found themselves 5 points adrift of Arshia and Abisho at 9-11. But Tigris changed gears and reeled off 4 straight points from 15-11 to surpass the Octans.


Octans who don’t want to give up, pushed their back with lobs and then forced them to attack forward with aggressive throws, and then a little later they made Tigris run from side to side. The strategy of Octans worked for a while but a little later, Tigris targeted Octans’ weak backhand, gaining a wining set of 19-20.


Tigris looked far more comfortable in the second, overpowering their counterparts who struggled to return before the first match. Tigris broke off at 7-8 and kept their nose ahead despite some spirited fight from Octans to level the score at 1-1. The energetic pair of Tigris was on the cusp of an early loss but however managed to grind out an 18-20, 19-20 win over Arshia Goshi and Abisho of Octans.

Event Results

Volleyball Tournament

Dracos – Winner

Octans – Runner Up

Tigris – Third Runner Up

Argos – Fourth Place Finisher

Tennikoit Tournament

Tigris – Winner

Octans – Runner Up

Argos – Third Runner Up

Dracos – Fourth Place Finisher

With good weather condition and CS sports committee support the tournament ended successfully at 4pm . As we all enjoyed the tournament and will be back soon on 19th of Nov with our next sports event.



A great lover of field sports events who like to play under different circumstance . I like to spent my times to listening music and travelling to new places.
Author Alfrey Hilman A great lover of field sports events who like to play under different circumstance . I like to spent my times to listening music and travelling to new places.  

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