CS Anniversary Celebration

CS Anniversary Celebration

April 1, 2016 marks a memorable occasion for CapeStart as a company — our third year anniversary. From our humble beginnings, we collectively saw the firm grow from a two-man dream, to that of many. CapeStart has now reached the third milepost in the field of software development, backed up by its dynamic crew. The firm’s grandstand now embraces a pack of highly talented powerhouses, who are adequately prepared to manipulate the requirements to meet the end results, with their own artistic hands

speech and event handling

Moving on, CapeStart’s success formula predominantly lies within certain cardinal points, which we still believe as our informal protocol.

Firstly, enjoying our work was one valuable framework, predefined by our ancestral Capestars who imparted this type of work culture into every new star that popped up further in our firm.

One other outstanding factor which is the face of our workforce is, persistence, which is exceptionally handled by every single person within the company and is also elegantly portrayed by the incredible amount of effort they invest in every single assignment.

The key factor which usually gives a glimpse of hell to every employee is work-life balance, but it is excellently well-adjusted with CapeStart’s organized work culture. Timely offs and the leisurely weekends  apparently balances the work and life of our employees, thus satisfying the distant dream of every worker in just a flick. Moreover, the casual work nature and the supportive growth structure further helps in sealing every loop hole, which eliminates all the displeasures and directly leads to a much more positive environment within. CapeStart’s success is timelessly backed by a content workforce.

Anniversary Celebration

Coming to the anniversary celebration, there is a special creative squad of experts, termed by the name of ‘Events committee’ within our usual flock of the multi-talented CapeStart family. This extra-energetic troop co-ordinated the rest of the members and conceived a great plan to make the ends meet, on the anniversary day. The credit goes to the management, for blending in with the committee members to surprise the employees with an awesome decoration, from the entrance to the event hall of our company.

The stage was all set for the event on a scorching Friday afternoon, with all our workforce looking forward for a wonderful event.

Venkatesh, one of our best event handlers, took over the stage with his modulated voice, to give out an energetic welcome speech. He injected the energy to our mob and later looped in Bose and Annie, the chief facilitators, who piloted the in-house teams toward the grand event.

Speed stacking event

The day got much more enthusiastic, with the start of the cup stacking – team event. Our workforce has four battalions of corporate warriors, who compete throughout the year as a team, to be crowned as the winner of the year-long events. So this time it was the ‘cup stacking’ event, and the rules were simple, to form a pyramid by stacking the paper cups.

cup stack game

The event was conducted in two preliminary stages and there was a finals to decide upon the winner and runner-up teams. The first round was triggered and you can see the team Octans in action, who won the first round, by erecting the tallest stack.

The event went past the first stage and in the next round, it got spicier with all the teams accelerating towards success. This round gave out another winner, team Argos.

The final stage also was summed up, to determine the champions, with all the teams eagerly waiting to be judged upon with their stacks.

The winners and runners up of the event were awarded at the end, leading the event to its next phase.

capestars at game mood

CapeStart’s birthday

As said, to commemorate the anniversary of CapeStart, the event was sweetened with a wonderful cake, which made up to the memorable gallery of CapeStart’s roots.

anniversary cake

Followed by an informative speech from Cedric Sandars (Project Manager) in which he covered all the good values to be followed upon, to be a market leading company. He also took us down the memory lane, towards the very beginning of CapeStart and how all the determination and smart work propelled the firm into the most successful corporate company.

In his words, it was very much evident that the substantial module of our productive strategy is, carried out by supplementing the outcome, by effectively utilizing our inventive way of thinking. He believes, our firm’s success blueprint is sketched with the ideology of delivering the end results, with all the ultramodern components sewed along with the core requirements to ensure, complete perfection by delivering a bit more than the expectations of the clients/ leads/managers.

His speech also stipulated us to be committed towards quality, which will eventually define the nature of CapeStart. Every individuals must be trained to endure the oncoming challenges, by fuelling their creations with quality centric development procedures, so that the end result is of highest quality, he said. He also asserted us to make sure that our products are of world class standard, with top notch quality.

Cedric also insisted us to take some time off from round-the-clock production services and to have some fun at random intervals. He highlighted our periodical exposure to events and entertaining factors, that are intended to help us stop being workaholics and to enjoy the other interesting aspects of life.

Finally, the event was a great success and we all grouped up for a photo session. The proud and happy faces at the end of the session portrayed the welcoming of a new era for the CapeStart family.
capestars photo session


Being an iOS developer by profession, I do write about anything and everything occasionally. My belief is that, It's always good to contribute our part, either through words or code.
Author Rajesh Being an iOS developer by profession, I do write about anything and everything occasionally. My belief is that, It's always good to contribute our part, either through words or code.  

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